Village of no doors: Fear for God alive!

Yes, what you read is correct. The people in Shani Shingnapur village of Maharashtra, the place of Lord Shanidev, have no doors to their houses, which has been their practice since generations. A firm belief behind this is that ‘people in this area believe that whoever steals things will have face the wrath of Shanidev and face the consequences of the sin. With this strong belief, the village didn’t even wish to have a police station. This strong belief in ShaniDev and his powers has been making the villagers live without doors for generations and according to various sources, not even a single theft was reported in the village until 2010 and 2011, when thieves who have attempted to theft were said to have died vomiting blood before they crossed the radius of the temple area where they attempted for theft, and some others with mental illness and other health conditions.


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