A six yards of fabric named Sari is the oldest and only existing form of unstitched garment from the past. It is the most common outfit used by the Indian women. A sari which when draped in a particular manner gives rise to an attire that is complete in every aspect. Sari draping is considered as an art and requires a lot of practice. Hand woven saris are very famous in India, and since its inception the weavers developed a unique skill of weaving a sari that is very light in weight(30 grams) and that can be folded and fitted into a matchbox. The silk yarn used to weave saris is normally composed of multiple filaments. But the yarn used in these kind of saris has only two filaments. It is extremely challenging to keep such a yarn from breakage while it is woven into fabric. A normal sari uses silk from 24 cocoons but for these kind of saris, silk from only three cocoons are used to weave. Weavers still display this amazing skill and continue to amaze us.


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