Game and Life as well

The most interesting game, Snakes & Ladders, has its origin in India when it was created by poet-saint Gyandev naming it as ‘Moksa Patam’, in the 13th century. In the ancient India, Moksha Patam was used to teach children about the Dharma and values of living. While the ladders represent virtues, the serpents represent vice, on the whole, the real intention behind the game was to tell, “Good steps take us to heavenly heights, whereas evil ones result in downfall and a cycle of re-births,” as played in the game. Apart from entertainment, the game (illustrating life) also speaks about the dos and donots, at every stage of life, with each square representing human qualities at different stages. These include squares, 12 for faith, 51 for reliability, 57 for generosity, 76 for knowledge, and 78 for asceticism, were the ladder was found and the negative qualities like squares 82 for greed, 84 for anger and 85 pride, among others, representing vice.


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