Atomic theory, proposed 2,500 yrs before Dalton

The world knows atomic theory to have been formulated/proposed by John Dalton. But, the theory was actually formulated by Acharya Kanada (Atom Eater and the teacher of small particles), who is also called Sage Kashyapa. His treatise on atomic theory, Viseshika Sutra presents various theories on creation and existence of universe using the natural atomism. Breaking a rice grain into smaller pieces, Kanada called each smaller, invisible piece as Paramanu or anu (atom). He went on further explaining binary molecule (combination of two atoms) calling it as Dhwinuka. He further put forward that atoms combine to produce chemical changes with support of external factors like heat (giving ripening of fruit in a round pot as an example). Compiling his research as Viseshika Darshan, he became the first one to formulate atomic theory, 2,500 years before the western scientist John Dalton.


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