An architecture that doesn’t cast a shadow!

Brihadeeshwara Temple in Tanjore of Tamilnadu, India is the tallest (one of the tallest) temple in the world, measured at 216 feet. Completed by Chola Kingdom thousand years back in 1003 CE, the temple is an architectural marvel with full of secrets, which even present-day science failed to get through. The most interesting of this temple is that ‘it doesn’t cast a shadow, irrespective of season, during any part of the year’. Fully built with granite (of about 60,000 tons), the temple has a capstone (Kalasha) above its tower, which alone weights 80 tons. The stunning part is that this Kalasha (weighing 80 tons) was believed to have been placed at the top of Gopuram by laying an inclined scope from the ground. The temple also musical pillars at the entrance, which generate classical music sounds upon touch. The temple was said to have survived six earthquakes and many other natural calamities.


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