595,680,000 HICCUPS MAN

Hiccups, which occur when the diaphragm and respiratory organs encounter an abrupt, involuntary spasm.The involuntary contraction of the diaphragm, occurring at the same time as the contracting of the voice box, and the closure of the glottis, which together blocks air intake.The glottis is located in the middle part of the larynx, where the vocal cords are, and when it snaps shut, it causes that telltale hiccup noise. The longest recorded case in medical history is credited to one Charles Osborne, a farmer who continuously hiccuped for 68 years.Physicians who’ve studied his case have estimated that he hiccuped 24,000 times per day, or some 595,680,000 times over his lifetime.The hiccups finally stopped when Charles turned 97…one year later he died of natural causes.


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